The Healing Power of Water for Seniors

My mother only had a ninth grade education and was the daughter of a tenant farmer, but even with these limitations, she lived a full life. She raised three children who are now college educated professionals. She loved people and gardening, and her neighbors in her small town called her the “flower girl.” She could […]

Thoughts on Aging Well

My grandparents were farmers. My maternal grandfather was a tenant farmer and my paternal grandparents farmed their own land. That work ethic of working long hours most days of the week was modeled and instilled into me by my own parents, who were simple, decent and hardworking. When I met my college roommate’s parents, the […]

Aquatic Heart Rate Pyramid Workout

I have taught aquatic fitness for several years now and I am learning from my students that many want to really work hard in the pool.  Before I got into the fitness industry, I had bought into the notion that water exercise was for little old ladies with blue hair. When I got certified with […]

Change Everything and Ask for Help

It’s so easy to get complacent and stuck.  You know how one can settle into comfortable patterns and not even realize that one isn’t living consciously and purposely. I drive down New Falls of the Neuse Road most days to go to the Wellness Center where I work. So, on the days when I am […]

On Being a Non Traditional Personal Trainer

I remember 2008 when I attended my first IDEA conference for personal trainers. IDEA is the world’s largest fitness and wellness organization. Each year, IDEA hosts conventions where the leaders in fitness come to train the trainers on the most current science and fitness trends. As I entered the convention center, I saw 20 and […]